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TheAntennaBallStore.Com is one of the world's largest retailers/wholesalers of antenna balls and antenna toppers so we feel it is our responsibility to tell you where they came from and why you should be buying one today.

Ever since the introduction of the antenna ball by Union 76 in 1967, antenna balls/toppers have been popping up on car antennas all over the country and the world. They have evolved from the simple orange antenna ball, donned with the "76" logo, used to introduce the gas station decades ago. Other companies followed their lead, like the Mickey Mouse antenna balls produced to celebrate Disney's 20th Anniversary in 1991 and the 17 million plus Jack-in-the-Box antenna balls that were offered to their customers in 1995. Now there are hundreds of antenna ball/topper designs in all shapes and sizes, each with it's own distinct look.

Antenna balls/toppers are a great way for you to tell the world a little bit about yourself. Kind of like a personalized license plate at a fraction of the cost and no renewal fee. The Antenna Ball Store has an antenna ball or topper that is perfect for you. Whether you want to show allegiance to your hometown sports team or display your favorite cartoon character, we are confident you will find that best antenna ball/topper to fit the bill.

If you have already picked out the perfect antenna ball/topper for yourself, remember that antenna balls/toppers are an inexpensive and fun gift to give to friends and family. They are light and easy to ship and they even fit nicely in a stocking. Previous visitors to The Antenna Ball Store have told us they used several antenna balls as place cards for holiday dinners. They picked out an antenna ball/topper for each guest that best fit their personality and not only did it add little something different to the table setting, it was a great gift for them to take home. besides leftovers.

Many people think that antenna balls/toppers are just for antennas. That could not be further from the truth. If that were so, once there was an antenna ball/topper on every car, The Antenna Ball Store would be out of business. Since we obviously don't want that to happen, it is our job to tell you all the other ways you can use your antenna ball/topper.

First, you can dangle your antenna ball/topper from your rear view mirror. This works great for people who either don't have an antenna, have one that retracts, or can't decide on which antenna ball/topper they want to buy. One of our customers has all four of his favorite teams hanging from his rear view mirror. It's up to you, how creative you want to be, how to hang them from your mirror, but many of the antenna ball/toppers come with a small hook and string that slips right over your mirror.

Antenna ball/toppers also make great pencil toppers, which mean they are an ideal gift for kids going back to school or to be handed out to classmates and/or teachers. People have used antenna balls/toppers in their plants and gardens, for arts and crafts and even to decorate their Christmas Trees. The ideas for antenna ball and topper uses are potentially endless. So browse The Antenna Ball Store, page by page, and don't just limit yourself to thinking about which antenna ball/topper you want to put on your car. Explore the possibilities, be creative, but most of all, have fun. That's really what antenna balls/toppers are all about.

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